HSMC Credit Card

HSMC, in collaboration with the Hang Seng Bank, introduces a brand new “Hang Seng Management College Credit Card” which provides with HSMC alumni, students, staff, and alumni of Hang Seng School of Commerce a number of exclusive privileges and discounts when making purchases with the card. The Hang Seng Bank will donate a certain portion of the amount you pay with the Hang Seng Management College Credit Card to HSMC in support of its general development, student activities and expenses for alumni affairs development.


Apart from the benefit of perpetual annual fee waiver, Hang Seng Management College Credit Card holders will also enjoy up to 5X Cash Dollar rebate when you use your card to purchase books locally or online, or when enrolling in study programmes of local or overseas educational institutions (in accordance with the list of programmes endorsed for refund by our Continuing Education Foundation), or when you pay the examination fees for local or overseas public examinations. This is in line with HSMC’s educational ideal to encourage life-long learning.


In addition, Hang Seng Management College Credit Card holders will enjoy exclusive offers on campus:


  • Enjoy a free 12 ounce hot latte upon spending of HKD250 at Coffee Shop in HSMC campus
  • Enjoy staff/student discount price upon purchase of HSMC souvenir
  • Enjoy one time 50% privileged discount offer on any one day or two day ”Executive Certificate Courses” within one year from date of issuance of the card. For course information, visit EDC.hsmc.edu.hk


We will announce more offers regularly.

For online application, please click here.


To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!